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Gretel and Hansel (Mandarin) – 糖果屋历险记

From 27 July | KC Arts Centre - Home of SRT

Gretel and Hansel (Mandarin) – 糖果屋历险记



Gretel & Hansel 糖果屋历险记改编自经典《格林童话》故事。一部诚挚、幽默及有趣的故事,叙述姐弟之间的纠纷和家人给予的爱与鼓励;了解身为家中长女该有的责任。姐弟俩将带领观众走入一场天马行空的惊险之旅。Gretel & Hansel 糖果屋历险记有助于让孩子们学着与人融洽相处、珍惜兄弟姐妹之间的情谊以及了解亲情的重要性。

Gretel & Hansel 糖果屋历险记首演于2019年,以英语进行演出。这部改编自经典《格林童话》的故事主要讲述在困境中,姐弟俩如何互相扶持,凸显出亲情的重要性。


Gretel and Hansel (Mandarin) – 糖果屋历险记

Gretel’s life is turned upside down when her new brother Hansel arrives. He gets all the attention, the cuddles and the kisses and poor Gretel is told to ‘grow up’ and remember that she’s ‘a big girl now’! But Gretel doesn’t want to be big! And she doesn’t want the annoying little brother who’s too small to play.

When Mother and Father take the children to the forest, Gretel has a chance to get rid of the little brother once and for all. But the forest is full of danger and Gretel will have to learn to get along with Hansel if they are both going to survive the adventure.

Based on the well-loved Brothers Grimm classic fairy tale, Gretel and Hansel is a heartfelt, humorous and exciting tale about sibling rivalry, family love, courage and understanding what it means to be a big sister! The two children become both characters and storytellers as they bring audiences on a thrilling and imaginative journey. Gretel and Hansel will help encourage children to work together, appreciate their siblings and understand the importance of family love.

First staged in English in 2019, this reimagined storytelling adapted from the well-loved fairy tale from the Brothers Grimm highlights the importance of sibling relationship amidst the rivalry.

Here are what some of the parents have to say about the production:

"The presentation was engaging and fast-paced for the children. The content was good as it provided a talking point to speak to the children about family values. As an adult, I was amazed at the way the two actors managed to pull off the whole story with multiple roles, all by themselves."

"The show is highly entertaining and share the importance of sibling relationship."

"Very entertaining for both kids and adults. Very intelligent style of narration that is clear and humorous."



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Event Date

From 27 July 2022

Weekdays: 10am

Weekends & Public Holiday(s): 11am, 2pm

Duration: 50 Minutes

Recommended for 4-year-olds and above

KC Arts Centre - Home of SRT

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