Residency Programme

Singapore Repertory Theatre’s Residency Programme offers an immersive hands-on experience for young theatre professionals looking to further their careers in Singapore’s theatre industry. 

Residents work closely alongside local and international colleagues on a wide range of productions and programmes developing their skills and understanding of their chosen specialities and also participating in the day-to-day workings of one of the leading theatre companies in Asia.

The opportunity to train on a live programme, allows the Resident to set goals, review their progress and develop their skills in direct relation to the industry. Training in this format offers many benefits to career development, offering Residents diverse and high-quality work experiences that will support future employment opportunities.

Each Resident will be expected to make a full-time commitment for 18-24 months. A monthly stipend will be provided to assist the Resident with living expenses for the duration of this skill development programme.

The Residency Programme is currently available in the following area(s):

Arts Management

As an Arts Management Resident, you will work closely with all departments at SRT to ensure that after two years with SRT, the resident will be able to enter the industry as a valuable all-round manager assisting senior managements. Click here to view further information on the Residency.


As a Resident Assistant Director, you will work closely with our Artistic team and guest Directors to create SRT’s productions. Click here to view further information on the Residency in Directing.


As a Resident Production Coordinator, you will support SRT’s Production Department on all aspects of realising SRT’s productions. Click here to view further information on the Residency in Production.

Learning & Engagement 

As a Resident Learning & Engagement Officer, you will support existing and develop new L&E programmes, both in terms of formal education and informal community learning programmes.This entails co-ordinating, developing and delivering a range of learning activities on behalf of SRT Learning & Engagement. Click here to view the breakdown of the residency programme with the various departments and roles that the resident can expect. 

For further information on the Learning & Engagement Residency or to apply, kindly send in your resume and cover letter to


"This residency programme is such an amazing opportunity for me to learn and grow as a theatre practitioner. I never thought that I would have a chance to be able to work full-time, learn from amazing directors and even be paid as well."

- Natalie Wong, Resident Assistant Director 2013 – 2014

"Being in the residency programme has given me an excellent opportunity to learn from many established local and international directors. The range of productions I have been involved in has provided me a vast amount of exposure to hone my skills in creating theatre, and learn more about the industry. What an exciting and immersive experience to be a part of!"

- Cherilyn Woo Resident Assistant Director 2014 – 2015

"For me, the residency was an intense but fruitful season being part of 11 SRT productions. The experiences were varied but rich through mentorship and learning on the job. While new knowledge and skills gained were a huge boon, new friends and an expanding network of collaborators launched me in new heights and directions for my career as a director. I also appreciated how my growth as an artist was important to SRT as were the responsibilities tasked to me."

- Khairul Kamsani, Resident Assistant Director 2016 – 2017