Work with Us

We are always on a look out for talented and passionate people to come and work with us in a range of roles across the theatre.

Full time positions

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Part-time positions

We are currently looking for:

Access Administrator

We are looking for a part-time Access Administrator to work closely with the Learning & Engagement Team at SRT to support the administration of the Access Arts Hub. The Access Administrator is responsible for the general administration of the Access Arts Hub including, liaison with the hub members, co-ordination of the hub meetings, management of the Access Arts Hub website, populating the hubs social media channels and ensuring higher visibility of the hub within the arts sector.

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Early Career Professionals – Residency Programme

SRT offers immersive apprenticeships for young theatre professionals seeking further experience in their chosen specialities. We are currently looking for:

Resident Marketing Officer
We are looking for a candidate with a strong design background who is looking to train and grow to be a marketer. The Marketing Resident will support the Learning and Engagement team in SRT for their design and marketing needs. The Resident will be closely mentored throughout the journey which includes regular check-ins and opportunities to attend marketing-related workshops.

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The SRT General Auditions is now on! Register your interests today. Deadline to sign up: 23 May 2022.

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Creative and Production personnel

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Internships / Volunteers

Please direct enquiries about internships or volunteer opportunities to

In your email, please specify  areas you are interested in and the dates/times you are available.

Play submissions

If you have a play or project you would like SRT to consider, please fill in the submission form here.

Presenting an SRT show

If you would like to license an SRT show, please contact

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Prop/Costume rental

Please note that SRT only has a small inventory of prop/costume items. If you are writing to enquire about these, please click here.