Current & Upcoming Programmes (Professionals)

Residency Programme

Singapore Repertory Theatre’s Residency Programme offers an immersive hands-on experience for young theatre professionals looking to further their careers in Singapore’s theatre industry.

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The Art of Leadership

The Art of Leadership is designed to put leaders in the Director’s chair, allowing them to observe, reflect and strategise using directors techniques. The Director commands the ensemble with respect by being both nurturing and authoritative.

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The Art of Communication

Actors hone both physical and verbal communication skills. In the workshop, participants will learn to explore body language, taking in physicality as well as effective use of voice projection and clarity.

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The Art of Team Building

Ask any actor about creating theatre with others and they will tell you about the amazing bond that develops in any ensemble that they are part of. Theatre brings people together, reveals and strengthens the dynamics of a group and produces positive relationships between the people creating it.

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