Inspiring one child at a time

Give the Gift that keeps on Giving

Research has shown that children from lower-income families tend to lag behind their peers in areas such as reading and literacy. Where this is the case, SRT believes that theatre is a powerful tool that can contribute to the holistic development of children. Some of the benefits of theatre are that it enhances children’s literacy and numeracy skills, communication skills, creativity and imagination, self-confidence and empathy for others.

SRT’s Student Education Fund underwrites the full cost of tickets and workshops for children and young people from low-income backgrounds who might otherwise never get a chance to attend performances, creating opportunities for them to experience the transformative power of theatre.

Since its inception in 2012, SRT SEF has made an impact on more than 12,000 children, equipping them with invaluable life skills and empowering them to go beyond what they think they can achieve.

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SEF beneficiaries from this year include:

PAP Community Foundation (PCF), Sonshine Childcare, Dyslexia Association of Singapore, Autism Association of Singapore, Care Corner, Community Chest, LOVE, NILS and Ain Society. Click here for the full list of beneficiaries that have been supported by SRT over the years.


“Many of our children would not have been able to afford such experiences if not for the generosity of the SRT and the donors of the Student Education Fund. We are sure our young children would cherish and benefit from the exposure to theatre with a strong educational value as part of their early childhood learning journey.”  – PCF

“They were humming and singing the song even after the show. The pupils were able to make links with other texts, analyse characters and describe them using appropriate vocabulary, recall and retell the story.”  – Teacher