• KC Arts Centre – Home of SRT
    20 Merbau Road, Singapore 239035

    Opening hours:
    Weekdays: 10am – 6pm
    The box office and venue will open 1 hour before a performance.

    You can access a visual map that details the key steps to our venue from public transport routes. 
    Click for your desired route:
    Fort Canning MRT
    Robertson Walk – taxi drop off

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    Parking Options:
    Robertson Quay Hotel
    UE Square

  • SRT gives back to a charitable event

    If you are organising a performance/event for a charitable cause, we would like to hear from you. We have selected dates in April, May and June where we are happy to explore how we can help with a venue sponsorship.

    For more information on the venue and to submit your proposal, please email venue@srt.com.sg

  • Karunesh Talwar Live In Singapore  | 23 Jan 2020

    Karunesh Talwar is a Comedy "Genius", fresh off from his Amazon special, he will be performing his Solo for the first time in Singapore.  Known for his intelligent, witty and bizarre choice of material, he is a standout performer from the Indian comedy scene. His "Master Chef routine" on Youtube which garnered over 8 million views is a testimony to the style of delivery, depth of content and comedic brilliance. Karunesh has performed across the globe, including Melbourne comedy festival and SOHO theatre in London. Enjoy an evening of absolute madness as Karunesh talks about topics which we all would think is "Tough to Joke about".

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  • Robert Yeo’s Are you there Singapore?  | 5 – 8 Feb 2020

    Considered one of Singapore's first political English language plays, Robert Yeo's "Are You There Singapore?" follows the path of a group of university students in London navigating young adulthood in all its messy, heightened glory. As they struggle with political, social and sexual awakening at the cusp of Singapore's independence in the midst of a rapidly changing world, we soon learn that the world we live in today isn't that different from the past.  

    The play is presented as the opening show of The Stage Club's 75th Anniversary season and in celebration of Robert Yeo's 80th birthday.

    Here's what critics say about "Are You There, Singapore?":

          "a classic play"  

          "accurately portraying the Singaporean vernacular on stage"

           "one of the earliest local political plays written in English"

           "relevant, topical and even funny at times"  

            "What is most important - it moves."

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