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The following are the terms and conditions as well as submission criteria for submitting your entry for SRT’s The Coronalogues – What’s your Silver Lining?

  1. Submissions are now closed.
  2. There is no registration fee for submitting an entry.
  3. Only one video submission per person. This includes all involved in the Coronalogue. (i.e. no one person can write two Coronalogues and submit two different videos with two different actors)
  4. There are two age categories:

4.1 Youth Category: Entrants who are below the age of 21 on 29 June 2020
There is no cut-off age and submissions can be from anyone below the age of 21.
Entrants below 18 years old should seek parental consent beforehand. Parental consent form will be made available during the submission period.

4.2 Open Category: Entrants who are 21 years old on 29 June 2020

4.3 The monologue submission can be a collaborative effort. However, entrants must work within the stipulated age category. Entrants will be required to declare all participants in the monologue upon submission.

  1. Format of Video

5.1 The submitted video should be no longer than 5 minutes in length, performed by only one person.

5.2 The video must be submitted in a 16:9 ratio horizontal format, preferably in 1080 pixels. File format of the video must be in either .mp4 or .mov.

5.3 The video need not be performed in English Language. However, the video must be subtitled if it is not performed in English. SRT welcomes submissions in all languages, including Sign Language.

5.4 The video should not contain profanities. Entrants should keep in mind that shortlisted videos will eventually be publicised on SRT’s social platform, and should thus be suitable for general public viewing.

5.5 Entrants should be aware of the public social distancing rules in Singapore when creating their monologue. SRT does not hold responsibility for entrants who flout Circuit Breaker rules while working on their submission.

  1. Judging Criteria

6.1 Thematic Appeal. The monologue should detail life in Singapore during the Circuit Breaker in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. The theme of “silver linings” should be incorporated that allows audiences to take away some form of positive from the pandemic.

6.2 Video Quality. Entrants should take into account the lighting and audio quality of the video, and necessary steps toward creating the digital presentation of the monologue. While entrants can take liberties with filming styles, they should ensure that the video is audible and be free from external distractions.

6.3 Engagement. Entrants should experiment and present their monologue with imaginative ways. Judges will look at the originality of the monologue, the depth of characterisation, the ability to engage viewers as well as relevance to the “silver lining” theme.

6.4 It is on the sole discretion of the judges to reject and/or disqualify any entries if the monologue is found to contain any inappropriate content that includes but not limited to graphic violence, racial slurs and prejudicial or discriminatory statements or subject matter.

  1. Submissions are only open to people currently residing in Singapore.

7.1 Singaporeans and non-Singaporeans are welcome to submit their entries.

7.2 The monologue must be filmed in Singapore.

  1. The winner of each category shall be decided by a simple majority of properly cast votes based on Viewer’s Choice.

8.1 Shortlisted monologues will be publicised on SRT’s social media channels from 27 July 2020, with a voting platform made available for the public.

8.2 The public will be able to vote for their favourite until 9 August 2020, 12pm.

8.3 The video with the most public votes from each of the two categories will receive $500, made possible with the kind donation from a Friend of SRT who has requested to remain anonymous.

  1. Singapore Repertory Theatre reserves the rights to publicise all submitted monologues.
  2. All submitted monologues should not be concurrently submitted for other competitions or broadcasted in any channels until the final announcement of the results on 10 August 2020.
  3. Singapore Repertory Theatre reserves the rights to disqualify any submission that have deemed to have violated any of the above states terms and conditions.
  4. The above stated terms and conditions are subject to change at the discretion of Singapore Repertory Theatre.


For enquiries, please connect with Zach Ng via zach@srt.com.sg