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Industry Day: Access all Areas at SRT

The Industry Day starts with a 101 of Singapore Repertory Theatre; who we are and how we make theatre. Students then go a journey in groups of 10 (max), rotating around 4 theatre stations, working with professionals across a series of disciplines in theatre production.

Specialist areas include but not limited too:

Lighting 101: Discover the fundamentals of theatrical lighting with a professional lighting designer. Learn the differences between different lanterns and how each are used, plus understand the basics of programming the lighting desk.

Make some Noise: Explore the use of sound for theatre through a demonstration of equipment and software and get hands on using pre-recorded music, sound effects and an introduction live mixing. 

Design for the stage: Everything in a theatre show starts with the inception of the idea and into the design phase. Work with a professional theatre designer to understand costume, set and prop design for stage.

Secrets to Stage management: The management of a professional theatre stage is no walk in the park; from runners to assistants to deputies to stage managers each has their own responsibilities in the producing of and performance of live theatre.

Level: Secondary – JC
Duration: 4.5 hours
Number of sessions: 1

For booking enquiries or further information about the workshop, please call at 6221 5585 or email