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Current & Upcoming Programmes (Actors)

Can you be terrified and fearless? – Learn the Frantic Assembly method in Singapore.

The accessibility of the Frantic Method has empowered and inspired people to participate, educate, collaborate and make ground breaking new work. As world leaders in devising and collaborative theatre-making Frantic continually seek to share skills through their Learn and Train programmes.  Whether participants are students, teachers, artists or people of any age, everyone benefits from building skills, confidence, bravery and – ultimately – creativity.

What is ‘The Frantic Method’:

  • It is approaching devising as a series of tasks, broken down into building blocks.
  • Encouraging performers to take a moment back to its simplest truth.
  • Then using those building blocks to empowered them to find and create.
  • Developing a language that is accessible and honest.
  • Helping performers understand how their bodies tell stories.

The Frantic Method is at the heart of all of Frantic’s work on stage and in studios across the world. Check out their work on Fatherland, Things I Know To Be True, Othello, The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time.

Returning to Singapore with a suite of Learning programme to excite learning and professional development, don’t miss your chance to train with world leaders best in physical theatre training and performance.

'The most innovative and progressive theatre company around', The Times.

Frantic Assembly are world leaders in devised and collaborative theatre.  The approach they use ,called The Frantic Method, has helped Frantic Assembly to be leaders in movement direction within theatre. It is essentially direction through movement and promotes an acute physical awareness that can be implemented in moments of stillness just as it can be in the physically spectacular. We are excited to present this unique opportunity to empower and inspire professionals to participate, educate, collaborate and create new ground breaking work.

"I wanted to develop a language that felt accessible and honest.
I wanted to share a process that would take people past their perceived limitations.”

– Scott Graham, Artistic Director of Frantic Assembly

The 6-hour workshop will include: 

  • A full range of Frantic practices in much greater depth 
  • Ensemble work, small group work and pairs work 
  • Further physical skills development 
  • Further devising tasks linking them back to Frantic Assembly productions 
  • Discussion about how the Frantic Method can enrich participant’s own work 
  • Interrogation and reflection on what make interesting theatre 

6-Hour Artists Workshop

 Date:  Saturday, 14 March 2020
 Time:   10am – 5pm (1hour lunch)
 Cost:   $250 per pax (limited places)

This workshop has been postponed.

Click here to find out more about Frantic Assembly.