SRT Digital – Stay At Home with our Stories

Even with our theatre closed, the SRT team is working hard on doing what we do best: telling stories. As we do our duty to Stay at Home during this coronavirus epidemic, we continue to bring you stories from the Theatre – digitally. We hope you’ll enjoy spending time with us during this Circuit Breaker.

The Coronalogues – What’s your Silver Lining?

Many who watched The Coronalogues were inspired by the stories and wanted to share their own silver linings too. Were you inspired by the stories? How has your life been affected by Covid-19 and the circuit breaker? What is your silver lining?

Watch the two winning entries now.

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The Coronalogues

A series of new and original monologues created by local writers. Based around the theme “Silver Linings” each 4-6 minute monologue looks at the optimistic, the bittersweet, and the touching side of life in the shadow of the coronavirus. Somewhere lies the silver linings that we may find in these unusual and often frightening times.

Available on YouTube now.

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Rehearsed Readings – Boom

On this tiny red dot, where both living and dead jostle for space, Boom tells the story of a stubborn old woman and her property agent son, who are struggling over the en bloc sale of their home. Their destinies become linked with that of Jeremiah, an idealistic civil servant, who is facing the greatest challenge of his career – persuading a reluctant corpse to relocate.

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Stay at Home with Shakespeare

Do you miss Shakespeare in the Park? It’s tough that we can’t head out for picnics at the moment, but our actors will be presenting to you their favourite Shakespeare monologue from the comforts of their home! 

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TLC Playhouse

The TLC family is offering activities that will keep your child occupied this Circuit Breaker. Check back in every Tuesday, as we’ll be adding a new activity of the week from your favourite productions such as The Gingerbread ManGretel and Hansel and so many more.

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Beyond the Stage – Podcast

Beyond the Stage podcast is brought to you by the Learning & Engagement team at Singapore Repertory Theatre (SRT). The podcast aims to inspire and inform young people and professionals to pursue and learn about the arts, igniting conversation amongst industry peers. The programme focuses on Arts Education, Careers, Community & Access and Professional development.

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Rehearsed Readings – A Wedding, A Funeral & Lucky the Fish

When Seraphina brings Alistair, her ang moh boyfriend, to Singapore, he thinks they’re just having a cup of tea. Little does he know that he will be participating in his own wedding tea ceremony! But when the couple arrives, Sera makes a discovery so shocking its revelation would certainly stop the wedding! Absurd, funny and poignant, A Wedding, A Funeral & Lucky, the Fish will surely make you laugh because the alternative is a truth too bitter to swallow.

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