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  • What is Play-makers all about?

    An interactive storytelling and live performance

    "Say hello to Tag and Flick, the newest members of the TLC team and your new creative pals. They are Play-Makers.

    Play-Makers are people who create and imagine a world full of possibilities. Tag and Flick will present an unconventional and imaginative performance with two beloved classics: Little Red Riding Hood & Jack and the Beanstalk.

    From this fun and unique experience, children will discover that they can be Play-Makers too. All they need is space, a team, things to play with, and a story to bring to life. And a big scoop of imagination, of course! This show is designed to help in the cognitive development in children."

    Why Play-makers?

    • Build learners’ creativity through open-ended play
    • Encourage children to express their ideas in new ways
    • Integrate the arts through the curriculum
    • Use our free learning pack to extend a scheme of work 
    • Enjoy a professional theatre experience all in the comfort and safey of your classroom

    Booking Information


    9 May – 17 June 2022


    3 Interactive Performances


    50 Minutes per Performances


    A choice of:

    • Little Red Riding Hood
    • Jack and The Beanstalk
    Cost $1200 for a package
    Audience Maximum 20 Children per show* / Three performances a day
    *bespoke arrangements may be discussed with out friendly SRT Team

    For more information or bookings, please contact Carolyn Ng at carolyn@srt.com.sg or call 6253 4441

    Safe Management Measures 

    1. Fully vaccinated Cast – Only 1 actors will enter the school
    2. Regular ART Testing –  Actors will test daily for Covid-19
    3. No Cross Bay Mingling – Actors will stay within one bay 1 class per performance
    4. Safe Distancing  – Actors will maintain a safe distance from the audience

    Play-makers is supported by: The Grace, Shua and Jacob Ballas Charitable Trust .