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A Co-Production of Singapore Repertory Theatre, Pangdemonium & WILD RICE |

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The Pitch is a sharply irreverent satirical comedy that takes audiences behind the scenes of a troubled co-production between three of Singapore’s leading theatre companies.


As the COVID-19 pandemic ravages theatres around the world, a motley trio of theatre companies – Pangdemonium, Singapore Repertory Theatre and WILD RICE – band together to create an urgent project that’s pitch-perfect for our times.

But will their noble mission survive cash-flow problems, creative differences and clashing egos? Can they keep the drama off-stage? And do they know what the hell they are doing?

At a time when going to the theatre is strictly off-limits, The Pitch cheekily raises the curtain on three theatre companies as they struggle to make art – and make peace! – with one another. Go behind the scenes with us and, through acclaimed film-maker Ken Kwek’s subversive lens, see Ivan Heng, Gaurav Kripalani and Adrian Pang as you’ve never seen them before!

An Unprecedented Collaboration

The Pitch marks the first collaboration between Pangdemonium, SRT and WILD RICE. It grew out of efforts made by the three companies to support one another at the onset of the pandemic in early March. At the time, each company moved to publicise one another’s ongoing productions, which were in danger of closing early. Since then, they have kept in touch, offering support and advice to one another in managing the fallout from COVID-19.


About Ken Kwek, Director & Co-Writer

Ken is an award-winning film-maker, playwright and author. His film credits include Sex.Violence.FamilyValues (2013) and Unlucky Plaza (2014), which premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival and for which he won the Best Director Award at the Tehran Jasmine Film Festival. His music video for Ugly In The Morning’s You Can’t Touch Me Now was nominated for Best Comedy at the 2019 L.A. Music Video Awards. Ken’s plays include Apocalypse: LIVE! (WILD RICE, 2008), This Is What Happens To Pretty Girls (Pangdemonium, 2019) and The Zoologist (Singapore Repertory Theatre, 2020). He has written two best-selling children’s novels, Timothy and the Phubbers (2018) and Kelly and the Krumps (2019).

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