Support Us

Throughout history, the world's finest theatre companies have looked to the generosity of benefactors to help bring the magic of the stage to the community.

The donations we receive from generous supporters will help SRT create new and exciting productions and continue our work in creating a truly professional theatre industry. Every contribution goes a long way towards developing Singapore as a vibrant international arts centre.

Friends of SRT Donor Programme

If you have always loved theatre and wished there was something you could do to show your support, why not be our Friend?

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Corporate Partners

As a non-profit organisation SRT has been fundraising for many years and has worked with partners from all types of business. We are adept at understanding your business objectives and building partnership marketing programmes that not only deliver outputs, but which are equally focused on the outcomes for your company. In a rapidly changing world of marketing we know that organisations need to be ever more creative and progressive with how they connect with their audience, be that B2B, consumer or internal.

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Fundraising Events

As a non-profit organisation, it is imperative for SRT to raise funds in order to continue producing productions of the highest calibre, and to keep the company running on a day-to-day basis. SRT organises several high-profile fundraising events every year, ranging from celebrity concerts, prestigious costume balls to gala benefit dinners.

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Student Education Fund

It is well known that children are naturally drawn to storytelling and theatre provides a strong educational platform that inspires the imagination and unlocks creativity in ways that a classroom may be unable to. The SRT Student Education Fund (SRTSEF) was conceived to reach young minds who may otherwise not have the opportunity to come to the theatre to enjoy the magic of live performance.

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