Current & Upcoming Programmes (Professionals)

Residency Programme

Singapore Repertory Theatre’s Residency Programme offers an immersive hands-on experience for young theatre professionals looking to further their careers in Singapore’s theatre industry.

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Improve accessibility in your workplace

Conducted by long-time Access practitioner and consultant Trish Hodson, this one-day workshop focusses on improving Accessibility in your venue and embedding it across your organisation.

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Directing Workshop with Kate Golledge & Ellis Kerkhoven

Learn from Kate and Ellis how they put a show for SRT using Nursery Crimes as an example. This creative process look at elements such as the story, structure, design and musical choices. It will take Nursery Crimes as a starting point for discussions and will cover tips and tricks that can be used in pre-production and the rehearsal process. 

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Step into the spotlight and discover your executive self

As leaders acquire larger teams, bigger portfolios and broader regions they need to ‘own’ their own space and know how to influence and inspire. They have to be aware of the impact they have on people, understand what helps and hinders them in communication and be comfortable and effective with a seat at the Board Room table.

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Professional Development for Early Childhood Educators

Singapore Repertory Theatre comes to your school/ organisation with an exciting professional development course that will introduce you to using active, arts-based approaches to teaching in your classroom.

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