8 Mar – 25 Mar 2017 I KC Arts Centre - Home of SRT

Do you believe in parallel universes?
Would you love the same person in a parallel world?
Join Marianne and Roland on their spellbinding romance that repeats over a course of vignettes. One a physicist, the other a beekeeper, their lives play out in an infinite number of realities. Watch how their relationship moves along different trajectories in a multiverse that spans time and space.
A love story set in the landscape of string theory, Constellations by Nick Payne defies the world as we know it.
Two people.
Infinite possibilities.


Cast: Ghafir Akbar, Jennifer Coombs, LaNisa Frederick, Daniel Jenkins and Gaurav Kripalani.

Creative Team: 

Playwright: Ayad Akhtar

Director: Nate Silver

Lighting Designer: James Tan

Sound Designer: Jeffrey Yue

Fight Choreographer: Lim Yu-Beng