'You Stupid Or What?!' is the Singapore production of Dr Jason Leong's sold out solo comedy show in Kuala Lumpur which was sold out with 1800 tickets snapped up. His brand of unique observational comedy as he explores the similarities between Singapore and Malaysia will surely delight comedy fans from both countries.

Dr Jason Leong is one of Malaysia’s fastest rising comedy stars, according to him. In 2013 he became the first Malaysian comic to win the 7th Annual International Hong Kong Comedy Competition, which then gave him a spot at prestigious comedy clubs in the United States, such as Laugh Factory in Hollywood and the Gotham Comedy Club in New York. 

In 2015 and 2016, Dr Jason performed to sold out shows at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, the second largest comedy festival in the world.

At home, Dr Jason performs regularly with the Malaysian Association of Chinese Comedians (MACC) which tours nationally every year, and a regular favourite at corporate events throughout the country. Dr. Jason Leong is funny, ambitious and most of all, shameless because this entire self-serving and nauseating profile was written by none other than himself. Yes, he has no problems referring to himself in the third person.

Also, he is humble.

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