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Current & Upcoming Programmes (Industry)

Ask any actor about creating theatre with others and they will tell you about the amazing bond that develops in any ensemble that they are part of. Theatre brings people together, reveals and strengthens the dynamics of a group and produces positive relationships between the people creating it. Over the course of the workshop, participants will form their own ensemble. Using actor training techniques, they will be engaged in activities that promote self-discovery and understanding of themselves and others in the team and learn to instill key team attributes, such as trust, resilience and openness. Participants will also experience conflict, develop an understanding of balance and the role each person plays in a group or team dynamic.


  • Discover and develop team relationships through actor training methods
  • Examine and discover group dynamics in a fun, interactive and safe environment
  • Discover new strengths and talents through creating a short piece of theatre
  • Learn to use observation and reflection skills to improve team building efforts

Duration: 6 hours

Recommended for: Executives, Managers and Senior Management

About “The Art of … “ Business series:

This series of workshop is about putting your organization, workforce, management and leaders at the centre of the stage. The creation of theatre incorporates many transferable skills, allowing growth and development from stage to the workplace.

Actors are great communicators; they take on a multitude of characters in many situations and are able to articulate emotions, meanings and messages very effectively. They have to think on their feet, react to new situations and work in teams. The Director is a leader and commands the attention of the cast by being both nurturing and authoritative.  He exemplifies leadership qualities as someone who listens, responds, guides and ensures the smooth delivery of the theatre performance.

For more information and group booking enquiries, please contact Paul Adams via email at paul@srt.com.sg or at 6221 5585.