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Beyond the Stage (Season 2 | Episode 2):

Julie Wee’s Journey with The Young Company

Join Julie Wee with Paul as they discuss about Julie’s experience with acting in Singapore. Julie shares with us her start as a tv child actor, achieving her goal of attending an acting school (The Victorian College of Arts, at that) and advice to younger actors in the industry now.

About Our Guest:

Julie Wee trained as an actor at The Victorian College of the Arts (VCA) Drama School in Melbourne. 

Julie has played Cassius in Julius Caesar, Portia in The Merchant of Venice, Miranda in The Tempest, Hero in Much Ado About Nothing and Bianca in Othello. Her other stage credits include W!LD RICE’s Hotel and Romeo and Juliet (Juliet); Checkpoint Theatre’s Normal, The Good The Bad and The Sholay and The Way We Go; Toy Factory’s To Kill A Mockingbird (Scout) and The Crucible (Elizabeth Proctor), Skinned Knee Productions’ The Woman Who Cooked Her Husband, Our Company’s The Car and Take Off Productions’ Mosaic.

Her TV credits include series roles in Moulmein High, Light Years and the internationally distributed production A  Gurl’s  Wurld.  She  also  appeared  in  an  episode  of  the  Australian  soap,  Neighboursand was a scriptwriter for the Neptuno Films animation series Megaminimals.  

Julie works as a host and  as  a  professional  voiceover  artist  who  runs  her  own  home  studio.  Companies  that  use  her  voice include Visa, SK-II, L’Oréal, Neutrogena and McDonald’s. Julie has worked as a part time DJ on Class95. You can check out Julie’s showreels on her YouTube Channel: JulieWeeVO.  

Beyond the Stage podcast is brought to you by the Learning & Engagement team at Singapore Repertory Theatre (SRT). The podcast aims to inspire and inform young people and professionals to pursue and learn about the arts, igniting conversation amongst industry peers. The programme focuses on Arts Education, Careers, Community & Access and Professional development. Connect with the Learning and Engagement team at for more resources. 

Recorded at: KCAC Arts Centre 
Presented by: Paul Adams, Learning & Engagement Manager Produced by: Jelaine Ng Sha-Men, Resident SRT Learning & Engagement Officer 
Sound, Light and Audio Technicians: Noor Hidayat Bin Norzizan and Peter Chi 
Editor: Cedric Choo 
Music: “Quirky Moment” from Purple Planet