The Skills Of Public Speaking

Spend some time with one of SRT’s highly-qualified professional actors/ directors, exploring ways to improve your presentation skills. The workshop will focus on practical ways to look, sound and feel more confident, engage and relate to an audience.

This workshop is highly participative with an interactive and hands-on approach. This course uses established approaches to develop physical and personal awareness.

Learning Objectives:
• Be more aware of different aspects of public speaking, including how to use voice to maximum effect
• Have a greater understanding of some of the technical skills actors use in their work which can be used when giving presentations and / or teaching
• Be more aware of how to tailor communication style and increase engagement with the audience
• A chance to practice public speaking in a safe environment and learn from listening to suggestions on how to improve their skills in public speaking

Up to 20 participants
Duration: 2 hours
Venue: A room free of furniture at your organisation
Fee: S$3500.00 (excluding GST)


"Highly interactive session with a very engaging speaker.” – Participant, Group Corporate Communications, Keppel Corporation


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