• Goldilocks And The Three Bears (Mandarin)


    Goldilocks and The Three Bears (Mandarin)

    Presented by SRT's The Little Company 

    11 - 23 Mar 2015

    On a trip into the forest, Goldilocks ventures into a seemingly uninhabited house. In the process of making herself at home, she turns the place into a gigantic mess! Little does she know that the house belongs to a family of three bears, who are not too pleased to witness her handiwork.
    Goldilocks and the Three Bears reminds children not to fiddle with the belongings of others, lest there be consequences to bear.

    Cast: Olive Pang, Celine Rosa Tan, Sugie Phua, Edward Choy, Vanessa Phang and understudies Yvonne Low and Juni Goh.

    Creative Team:
    Writer: Anthony Drewe
    Composer: George Stiles
    Director: Anthony Drewe
    Music Arranger: Ruth Ling
    Chinese Adaptor: Danny Yeo and Zhang Lesheng
    Choreographer: Aaron Khaled
    Production Designer: Francis O Connor
    Lighting Designer: Gabriel Chan
    Sound Designer: Jeffrey Yue – Ctrl Fre@k


  • Hello Goodbye


    Hello Goodbye

    Written by Peter Souter
    Directed by Lisa Spirling

    Presented by Singapore Repertory Theatre
    2 - 26 Sep 2015
    DBS Arts Centre - Home of SRT

    After a sell-out run at the Hampstead Theatre in London, SRT is delighted to bring Hello Goodbye, the hottest romantic comedy of the year to Singapore. Featuring a star cast including Shane Mardjuki (Shakespeare in the Park - Twelfth Night) and Denise Tan (Dim Sum Dollies).

    On a hot summer's day, Juliet arrives at her apartment which she thinks she's renting alone, only to find the strange Alex claiming the flat is his. A heated argument ensues leading to a hilarious turn of events.

    Find out if Alex and Juliet's summer love is here to stay, or if their love is doomed to the pressures of life in a big city.

    Catch this feel good rom-com - a guide to the perils and hazards of modern-day romance. After a hard day at work, this is the perfect play to unwind to and have a good laugh.

    Cast: Shane Mardjuki, Denise Tan, Amanda Tee
    Creative Team: 
    Director: Lisa Spirling
    Set Designer: Lucy Osborne
    Costume Designer: Jojo Siu
    Lighting Designer: James Tan 
    Sound Designer: Jeffrey Yue 
  • The Cat In The Hat 2015

    The Cat In The Hat

    SRT's The Little Company
    26 Aug - 27 Sep 2015

    Based on the all-time favourite book by Dr. Seuss, The Cat in the Hat has been developed into a magically witty play by Britain's National Theatre, which will be faithfully reproduced by SRT's The Little Company.

    If you have not read any Dr. Seuss lately, you will love this production of The Cat in the Hat. Every Dr. Seuss's story is a lesson in grammar, syntax, scansion, phonics, morality, ethics, tolerance and the human spirit.

    Sally and her brother get a surprise visit from the Cat in the Hat. With his endless tricks and crazy ideas, he certainly turned the dull rainy afternoon into one amazing adventure.

    Joined by the twin mischief-makers, Thing 1 and Thing 2, The Cat in the Hat promises to be a purr-fect day out for both children and parents alike!

    Cast: Joseph Houston, Cheryl Kuek, Mitchell Lagos, Yvonne Low, Dominique De Marco, Lian Sutton. 

    Creative Team:
    Director: Daniel Jenkins
    Lighting Designer: James Tan
    Sound Designer: Guo Ningru 



  • The Caucasian Chalk Circle

    The Caucasian Chalk Circle
    Presented by SRT's The Young Co.
    14 - 15 Aug 2015

    Adapted from Bertolt Bercht's most celebrated play, The Caucasian Chalk Circle follows young servant girl Grusha who, in the throes of civil war, must make a choice, save her own skin or sacrifice everything to rescue an abandoned child. We track Grusha and the child's struggle for survival on her epic journey for justice. With a whirlwind of vivid characters, razor sharp humour and endlessly inventive imagery, Frank McGuinness' adaptation brings life to Brecht's deeply serious meditation on power and responsibility.

    Support the talented youths from The Young Company as they present this classic play as part of their graduation showcase.

    'Terrible is the temptation to do good' - The Caucasian Chalk Circle

    Cast: Farah Aishah, Egan Chan, Marilyn Chew, Chin Rui Yuan, Amanda Chng, Jo-Ann Heng, Cheryl Ho, Liew Zhi Hao, Yvonne Low, Yvonne Mak, Ashlynn Perry, Lauren Sim, Dennis Sofian, Claris Tan, Joel Tan, Justin Tan, Terry Tan, Tham Sze Rong. 

    Creative Team:
    Director: Daniel Jenkins
    Set Designer: Grace Lin
    Costume Designer: Jojo Siu
    Lighting Designer: Petrina Dawn Tan
    Sound Designer/Arranger/Composer: Stan x Soap
    Composer/ Arranger: Theophilus Chan


  • The Red Lantern Pier

    31 Jan 2015, The Clifford Pier

    1933. The Red Lantern Pier – Tucked away amidst this steamy colonial outpost, you’ll find Madam O’s, the secret, sexy supper club famed for its esteemed and notorious clientele, exotic dancing girls and opulent opium beds.  A voyager or a vagabond, a diva or a dandy, a tai-pan or a temptress; come dressed to impress - or scandalise.

    We are delighted that Fullerton Hotel has come on board to sponsor what has been hailed as “the party of the year” with the exquisitely refurbished Clifford Pier as the venue for the Ball. Originally built in 1933 and known then as Red Lantern Pier, it seemed only fitting that we used this for the theme, especially during Singapore’s Jubilee anniversary.

    For 2015, proceeds from The Theatre Ball will go to a variety of initiatives including the SRT Student Education Fund, which endeavours to give children from lower income families the opportunity to experience the magic of theatre.














  • The Tempest

    The Tempest
    Presented by Singapore Repertory Theatre
    29 Apr - 24 May 2015
    Fort Canning Park

    Brought to you by the company that has captivated thousands with its successful productions of The Merchant of Venice, Othello, Twelfth Night, Macbeth, A Midsummer Night's Dream, and Much Ado About Nothing.

    Spread your picnic blanket under the stars and immerse yourself in the magic of The Tempest, Shakespeare's final play. Get drawn into Prospero's world of sorcery and fairytale improbabilities where nothing is what it seems.

    A highly anticipated annual event in Singapore's cultural calendar with lavish sets by an impressive creative team and seasoned cast, SRT's Shakespeare in the Park outdoes itself every year to bring you a world class outdoor theatre experience at affordable prices.

    Cast: Matt Grey, Daniel Jenkins, William Ledbetter, Ann Lek, Shane Mardjuki, Theo Ogundipe, Simon Robson, Ian Shaw, Timothy Wan, Julie Wee, Terence Wilton.

    Creative Team:
    Director: Braham Murray
    Choreographer: Mark Bruce
    Composer: Tayo Akinbode
    Production Designer: Simon Higlett
    Lighting Designer: Gabriel Chan
    Sound Designer: Mike Walker



  • The Three Billy Goats Gruff

    The Three Billy Goats Gruff
    2 Apr - 10 May 2015
    SRT's The Little Company

    Following the hugely successful production of Goldilocks and the Three Bears and The Three Little Pigs, SRT's The Little Company presents the third and final instalment of its Trio-series featuring music and lyrics by the Laurence Olivier award-winning West-End musical theatre songwriting duo George Stiles and Anthony Drewe (Honk! and Mary Poppins). Step into the magical, fairytale world of The Three Billy Goats Gruff - a musical that is guaranteed to be snortingly silly and full of giggles.

    The Three Billy Goats Gruff (affectionately known as "Baby", "Middle" and "Big") graze happily together with their caretaker, Little Bo-Frilly. But one day, it dawns on them that they are in the middle of a horrible drought. As the grounds turn a dreadful shade of brown, they are slowly but surely running out food. Together, the gang makes the decision to cross a bridge to the other side of the valley, where lush green grass awaits.

    Unfortunately, below the bridge lives a frightening troll that – gulp – loves to feast on goats! Can they outsmart the monstrous, greedy troll in this fight for survival? Come on this adventure with catchy tunes and laugh-out-loud moments – this is one musical that has it all. Don't miss it!

    Cast: Kimberly Chan, Benjamin Wong, Aaron Khaled, Cheryl Tan, Benjamin Chow and understudies Benedict Hew and Seong Hui Xuan.

    Creative Team:
    Composer: Geogrge Stiles
    Book and Lyrics: Anthony Drewe
    Director: Anthony Drewe
    Choreographer: Ewan Jones
    Production Designer: Francis O’Connor
    Musical Director: Joanne Ho
    Lighting Designer: Gabriel Chan
    Sound Designer: Jeffrey Yue – Ctrl Fre@k


  • The Ugly Duckling (Mandarin)

    The Ugly Duckling (Mandarin)
    Presented by SRT's The Little Company
    10 Jul - 1 Aug 2015
    DBS Arts Centre - Home of SRT

    Originally presented in English in 2005 to sold-out audiences, The Little Company presented its second Mandarin production of the year, The Ugly Duckling - one of TLC's most popular and memorable shows.

    Told through the magic of song and puppetry, this enchanting play will captivate and warm the hearts of young children and adults alike!

    The Ugly Duckling is a wonderful retelling of the Hans Christian Andersen's classic about a little duckling who looks different. Teased and ridiculed on the farmyard, Ugly decides to run away and embarks on an odyssey through the countryside. He meets a host of colourful characters and eventually discovers that he is not a duckling at all.

    The Ugly Duckling is an inspirational adaptation of the fairy tale about being the odd one out. The story unfolds as a giant storybook opens and you hear the magic words "Once upon a time…".

    Cast: Andy Yew, Isabella Chiam, Tan Wan Tze, Valerie Chian.

    Creative Team:
    Director and Chinese Adaptor: Danny Yeo
    Composer: Darren Ng
    Sound Designer: Guo Ningru
    Production Designer: Philip Engleheart
    Chinese Adaptor: Tan Yuxuan
    Book and Lyrics: Tracie Pang
    Lighting Designer: Yo Shao Ann




  • Treasure Island

    Treasure Island

    A swashbuckling, action-packed musical for the entire family!

    Presented by SRT's The Little Company
    30 Oct - 13 Dec 2015

    Shiver me timbers, ahoy there matey!

    Treasure Islandis a hilarious and exhilarating musical production suitable for the entire family.

    A new adaptation of Robert Louis Stevenson's popular novel of the same name, Treasure Island follows the adventure of Jim Hawkins, a lion-hearted 13-year-old girl who receives a treasure map from a kooky old seaman. Jim is tasked to help find the hidden treasure, but the road to riches is never smooth sailing.

    A swashbuckling, action-packed musical about friendship and trust. This exhilarating show for the entire family will keep you on the edge of your seat!


    Cast: Ann Lee, Dwayne Lau, Erwin Shah Ismail, Kimberly Chan, Mitchell Lagos, Tan Shou Chen.

    Creative Team:
    Writers: Jake Brunger and Pippa Cleary
    Music Director: Joanne Ho
    Production Designer: Diego Pitarch
    Lighting Designer: Adrian Tan












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